Admin team

NB: Critical Mass only takes place because of a small army of volunteers. Thank you to those that help out! We’d like to especially acknowledge all of the marshalls that help keep the mass together and keep everyone safe. The people below are the ones that try and make sure everyone stays clear about what CM is and why it happens. They couldn’t do it without your help.

  • James Happe

  • Founder

“I want people to use the space that we have in the city of Johannesburg. It’s a really amazing place and ultimately it’s the people getting out and into the city that brings it to life. It’s ours so we should use it. Critical Mass is a big part of that.”

  • Melvin Neale

  • Chief organiser and route leader

“Critical mass to me is about riding my bike with friends, enjoying and connecting with my city and each other, and showing how many people would ride bicycles in Jozi if it was safer to do so.”

  • Shaun van der Burgt

  • Chief engineer

Shaun is the designer of the mobile music system that brings the ‘Mass it’s sound. He could not be reached for comment at this stage because he was probably busy building something else new and wonderful…

  • Loic Bellet

  • Co-founder

“I regard Critical mass as one of the world’s “Critical” experiences. The Mass to me is basically a mindful gathering of contrarian, youthful individuals of all ages. Beyond this it’s also reflective of the global awakening to the alternatives that exist to our behavior patterns and our disharmony with the planet we inhabit. It’s a mold breaker.

Keywords that resonate with me… music, vibe, cityscapes, freedom, lights, wheels, crazy, urban, vibrant, together, eat, drink, celebrate, festival, atmosphere, inspiration, self-organising, independent, international, movement, dynamic, expressive, community, change, fun, global, experience, culture, unofficial, anti-establishment, unrestricted, renegade, open air, safe, space, motion, youthful, non-conformist, revolutionary &  activist.

Think financial shenanigans, political shaftings of the electorates in so called civilised Western societies, attempts at mind control and propaganda… they’re all needing attention we’re a part of the solution.”