A bit of history

Founded in 2007 by James Happe, Loic Bellet and a few others, and reignited by Louise Denysschen, Melvin Neale and Shaun vd Burgt in 2011, Critical Mass Joburg was formed to bring more people back into the city and raise awareness about the viability of bicycles as a form of transport in and around Joburg.

Come hit the streets of Jozi with us every last Friday of the month!

Traditionally the Critical Mass movement is about an unofficial, unsanctioned rally on all forms of self propelled wheeled transport that brings into focus things like safety, car-free social time on city streets and re-using the inner city’s facilities for social interaction.

What one of our participants had to say: “This is an awesome experience which is really not captured in the write up for this event… imagine a hundred people on bikes of all shapes and sizes, fairy lights and ringing bells, music on a portable soundsystem – all riding together through the streets of suburb and city – taking back the streets and having a fabulous time! bring or borrow a bike and don’t miss this!!!!! the pace is very relaxed. its a ride, not a race. its like cycling to the corner shop on a saturday afternoon. it is very, very FUN!”